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What is Workplace Business Coaching?

Workplace Business Coaching is directed towards high performance and improvement at work and usually focuses on specific skills and goals. It also has an impact on an individual’s personal attributes and attitude, such as social interaction or confidence and motivation within the working environment. The coaching process tends to last for a relatively short defined period of time, or forms the basis of an on-going management style.

Characteristics of Coaching in Organisations:

  • It’s essentially a non-directive form of development.
  • It focuses on improving performance and developing an individual’s skills.
  • Personal issues may be discussed but the emphasis is on performance at work.
  • Coaching activities have both organisational and individual goals.
  • It provides people with feedback on both their strengths and their weaknesses.
  • It’s a skilled activity, which should be delivered by people who are trained to do so. This can be line managers and others trained in coaching skills.
Team Coaching

Team coaching means focusing on interpersonal skills and interactions rather than individual development (as is the case with individually-focused coaching). The way people act with their teammates, and the way they communicate with one another are important drivers of effective team performance. After all, you can put a lot of high-performing individuals on a team and still have performance-related problems.

People must learn to work together and understand how to relate to one another, otherwise the team’s output will suffer, and the organisation’s overall effectiveness will also suffers as a result.

Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others and together. It is an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships. Improved relationships leads to significant improvement in performance. This means the team can then focus on its real work, and thereby achieve its objectives on behalf of the organisation and each other.

Coaching as a Key to Success?

Coaching is a proven key for unlocking perfor-mance. Once performance is unleashed, it automatically means change in thinking, doing and acting, which inevitably leads to different and better results.

Due to its effectiveness, Many organisations and leaders have identified coaching as a critical leadership and management competency for bringing about improved performance and lasting positive change.

Return on Coaching Investment

Increased Productivity
Professional coaching maximises potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity.

Satisfied Clients
Virtually all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied.

Return on Investment
The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back.

Source: International Coach Federation (ICF)

Benefits of Workplace Coaching
  • Empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility
  • Improves individual performance
  • Helps identify solutions to problems
  • Helps to motivate and reinvigorate longer serving employees
  • Displays organisational commitment to employee development
  • Provides a tool kit for employees to make their own decisions, and take action
  • Leads to improved job performance, motivation and job satisfaction
  • It makes employees feel valued and improves staff retention
  • Supports reorganisation and restructuring
  • Helps to improve employee’s confidence
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